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What is OverSoul?

Oversoul is a card based PVP MMO role-playing action game with solo PvE game mechanics to develop your characters.

When is OverSoul being released?

Beta Phase has been released since October 31, 2012 and all players who have an Artix Entertainment Master Account can play.

Will the game have PvE (non-PvP) content? Or will it only be PvP?

Yes, you'll develop your characters solo by exploring the world and battling monsters. In addition, you can only possess characters in PvE battles, not PvP.

Is it be browser based?

Yes. There's nothing to download or install.

Are there pets? Can you customize weapons? Are there different classes?

There will be characters that use pets but not in the way you think. Each character in Oversoul is a unique character that you possess. So each character is uniquely self contained. (Like possessing Artix as a character for example.) There will be some customization available through the Leveling Tree. But those customizations will be unique to every single character. None will be exactly the same. This means one character might be able to change their class, weapon, elemental standing, armor or even species. It's all unique to the character you possess though.

When was the Alpha and Stress Testing phases?

Stress Testing was on the 28th and 29th of August and on the 6th of September for a limited time. Alpha Testing started on September 13, 2012 and ended on October 31, 2012 and was available to players who had upgraded in any AE games.

How do I make an account to play the game?

You will have to have an Artix Entertainment Master Account. If you don't have already, you can create one here. Once you have completed all the instructions, head over to the game client and play the game on your browser!

How does this game fit in the AE Universe?

It is the same Universe but a much darker version geared toward an older audience.

Can I have the same character name as my Artix Master Account name?

We strongly advise against that. You want your Artix Master Account to be as secure as possible because if you lose access to your Artix Master Account, you also lose access to any linked game accounts such as EpicDuel and HeroSmash.

How many characters can I currently possess?

All the characters in the game are listed here. Currently, there is 1 Alpha Exclusive character, the Skexis Fiend and 1 character that may or may not be available in the future, the Fire Klunk, as well as one Stress exclusive character, the Void Knight. There is no current character inventory limit, but one will be in the future.

What are they and where can I encounter them?

The OverSoul Wiki has the answers! Look here.

What do the characters evolve in to?

The OverSoul Wiki's Characters by Rank page shows what each character evolves into.

How do I get founder status?

You can not receive Founder status anymore; you had to buy any SG package between November 1st, 2012 and January 13th, 2013.

I only received 6 free SGs and I see others received 12, why didn't I get 12 too?

6 Soul Gems were given out to those who either helped either Stress or Alpha testing. An additional 6 SGs were given out to the accounts with a confirmed email. If you helped in one of these two testing phases and have a confirmed email, you will have to use a different email and confirm that one to receive your 6 SGs.

Help!! My question wasn't answered here!

Head over to the OverSoul Forums and ask for help from your fellow players if you are in need of more help that the Wiki or this guide doesn't cover.