Jack Frost

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Seasonal Rare
This character was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return when said event occurs again.

Jack Frost
Evolve Price: 5 Soul Gems
Soul Gem Price: SoulGemIcon.png   10
Element: Ice
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
Nature is cold, wet, hard and unforgiving. As am I...
Don't worry about Global Warming. My heart is cold enough to save the earth.
Character Cards
200 Attack (x2)500 Attack (x4)Pierce (x1)Defend (x2)
Deals 200 damage.Deals 500 damage.Deals 100 damage (unblockable).Increases shield (block) by 500.
IceCostSmall.png 2 IceIceCostSmall.png 4 IceIceCostSmall.png 2 IceIceCostSmall.png 3 Ice
Freeze (x1)Frostbite (x1)Ice Orb (x1)Ice Wall (x2)
Enemy loses 2 turns.Attacks for 800 Damage over 4 turns.Turn your total defense into an Ice Orb attack.Increases shield (block) by 1000.
IceCostSmall.png 7 IceIceCostSmall.png 6 IceIceCostSmall.png 10 IceIceCostSmall.png 6 Ice
Shatter (x2)
After four turns, casts spell for +1000 damage.
IceCostSmall.png 5 Ice
Character Tree


Jack Ice

Jack Frost Tag-soul-gems.png

Evolve at Level 4

Evolve at Level 10