Slash Commands

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Miscellaneous Commands

Command Action
/duel <player name> Requests a duel with a player.
/ignore <player name> Ignores a player.
/join <room name - number> Joins the desired map and room number.
/report <player name> Reports a player for rulebreaking.
/unignore <player name> Unignores a player.


Command Emote
/afraid Afraid.png
/angry Angry.png
/bored Bored.png
/cry Cry.png
/death Death.png
/happy Happy.png
/lol or lol or lmao Lol.png
/nulgath Nulgath.png
/oversoul Oversoul.png
/relax Relax.png
/sad Sad.png
/shy Shy.png
/silly or :p Silly.png
/surprise or omg Surprise.png
/worry Worry.png
:) Cheerful.png
>:) or >:D Ebil.png
;) Wink.png