Alpha Pirate

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Seasonal Rare
This character was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and will return when said event occurs again.

Alpha Pirate
The fabled Alpha Pirate! He is highly desired and wanted... for his crimes. No one knows where he can be found. He went into hiding after learning about the enormous bounty put on his head... a reward so large, even his own crew could not be trusted. He's an expert fighter with his flintlock pistol and trusty scimitar sword, which is said to hold powerful magic of the Water element.
Element: Water
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
Damn my blood... I scorn to do anyone a mischief, when it is not for my advantage.
Ahoy! It's faaarrr better to be a Pirate then to join the Navy!
Upon Victory
Dead men tell no tales.
Character Cards
100 Attack (x3)200 Attack (x3)500 Attack (x3)Pierce (x3)
Deals 100 damage.Deals 200 damage.Deals 500 damage.Deals 100 damage (unblockable).
WaterCostSmall.png 1 WaterWaterCostSmall.png 2 WaterWaterCostSmall.png 4 WaterWaterCostSmall.png 2 Water
Defend (x4)Fresh Start (x1)Power Flow (x1)Refresh (x1)
Increases shield (block) by 500.Discard 2 cards in exchange for 10 water energy.5 Hit Combo for 1500 HitpointsAdd +300 Heal to a Defence card.
WaterCostSmall.png 3 WaterWaterCostSmall.png NoneWaterCostSmall.png 13 WaterWaterCostSmall.png 5 Water
Renew (x1)Water Rapid (x2)
Heal for +300 hitpoints over 2 turns.Attack for +400 damage.
WaterCostSmall.png 4 WaterWaterCostSmall.png 3 Water
Character Tree

Alpha Pirate

Beta Pirate

Evolve at Level 4

  • Seasonal Rare 'Talk Like a Pirate Day' (TLaPD).