Founder Knight

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This character was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and is no longer available.

Founder Knight
Location: Evolve Founder Vet at Level 10
Element: Light
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
I gladly strike down any who oppose the realm of oversoul!
I gladly strike down any who oppose the realm of oversoul
Character Cards
200 Attack (x2)500 Attack (x2)Pierce (x1)Defend (x2)
Attack for 200 damage.Attack for 500 damage.Attack for 100 damage (unblockable).Increases shield (block) by 500.
LightCostSmall.png 2 LightLightCostSmall.png 4 LightLightCostSmall.png 2 LightLightCostSmall.png 3 Light
Blessed Strike (x1)Heal (x2)Holy Strike (x2)Might (x2)
Add +300 Damage and make an attack card unblockable.Heal for +300.Attack for 700 damage.Add +300 damage to a card.
LightCostSmall.png 5 LightLightCostSmall.png 3 LightLightCostSmall.png 5 LightLightCostSmall.png 3 Light
Character Tree

Founder Adept

Founder Vet

Founder Knight

Founder Champion

Evolve at Level 4

Evolve at Level 10

Evolve at Level 20