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Gold is the main currency in OverSoul. Gold can be used for purchasing characters and customized cards.

The main way to earn gold is to fight in battles. The amount of gold earned in battle victories is not a definite value and a battle loss will award you with less gold. The minimum amount of gold received is 1 and the maximum amount can be determined by the formula:

Max. Gold Gained From a Victory = (Opponent's Level * 20) - 1

The formula given above is only applicable without the usage of any X-Boost.

Soul Gems are an alternative form of currency in OverSoul, an elite currency obtainable by purchasing amounts with Artix Points. Soul Gems can be used to evolve certain characters.

There are 5 Soul Gem packages available for purchase using the in-game purchasing system, or via the Artix Master Account site. As an added bonus, character rewards are given for purchasing a certain amount of Soul Gems.

Soul Gem Packages
Amount Price Price of Each Soul Gem
20 Soul Gems $5.00 $0.25
40 Soul Gems $9.95 ~$0.25
80 Soul Gems $19.95 ~$0.25
160 Soul Gems $34.95 ~$0.22
250 Soul Gems $49.95 ~$0.20
Soul Gem Rewards
Reward Obtain
Void Reaper Purchase 160 or more Soul Gems.
Black Dragon Purchase 250 or more Soul Gems.
Founder Adept Purchase Soul Gems during the Founder Promotion period. (November 1st, 2012 to January 13th, 2013).
Rolith's Character Shop Purchase 300 Soul Gems.