New Releases/Beta - 8/11/2012

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November 8th, 2012


Other Changes

  • 1 Soul Gem can be used to guarantee the possession of a character on a failed attempt.
  • Framerate detection automatically adjusts quality if it detects dropped frames.
  • PumpkinLord's rank changed to Master.
  • Sprout's rank changed to Veteran.
  • Blessed Strike now deals +3 damage in addition to making an attack card unblockable. *
  • Charged energy cost reduced to 2 Lightning from 4 Lightning.
  • Crush energy cost reduce to none from 5 Earth. *
  • Freeze now immobilizes your enemy for 2 turns.
  • Freeze energy cost increased to 7 Ice from 5 Ice.
  • Fresh Start added to Alpha Pirate.
  • Glacier Spell renamed to Ice Orb.
  • Ice Snap replaced with Shatter.
  • Ice Wall now gives +15 defense at the expense of discarding 1 card.
  • Ice Wall energy cost reduced to none from 3 Ice.
  • Incinerate now increases an attack or spell card by +7 damage at the reduced expense of discarding 1 card. *
  • Poison now deals 12 damage over 4 turns.
  • Refresh now adds +3 heal to a defense card.
  • Void Reflection energy cost reduce to 13 Shadow from 15 Shadow.

Note: A * denotes that these card skills are not functioning yet but will be in the near future.