Orc Chieftain (Character)

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Orc Chieftain
Location: Orc Chieftain's Shop
Gold Price: GoldIcon.png  100,000
Element: Neutral
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
Iron and Blood!
Iron and Blood!
Character Cards
2 Attack (x2)5 Attack (x2)5 Block (x3)Cat Reflex (x2)
Deals 2 damageDeals 5 damageIncreases shield (block) by 5Attack for 3 damage at the start of each turn for 2 turns
NeutralCostSmall.png 2 NeutralNeutralCostSmall.png 4 NeutralNeutralCostSmall.png 3 BlockNeutralCostSmall.png 5 Neutral
Counter Attack (x3)Death Flow (x1)Iron Hide (x2)Neutralize (x1)
Block for 5 and attack for 5 damage5 hit combo dealing 20 damageAbsorbs 1000 damage for 2 turnsDiscard 3 cards in return for 10 Neutral energy
NeutralCostSmall.png 7 NeutralNeutralCostSmall.png 15 NeutralNeutralCostSmall.png 5 NeutralNeutralCostSmall.png None
Power Strike (x2)
Attack for 8 damage
NeutralCostSmall.png 7 Neutral