Shadow Pikeman

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Shadow Pikeman
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
Those who resist the shadow will parish under the Great Fiend!
The Great Fiend will consume this world and all who resist!
Character Cards
100 Attack (x2)200 Attack (x2)500 Attack (x2)Pierce (x2)
Deals 100 damage.Deals 200 damage.Deals 500 damage.Deals 100 damage (unblockable).
ShadowCostSmall.png 1 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 2 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 4 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 2 Shadow
Defend (x2)Empower (x1)Life Drain (x2)Poison (x2)
Increases shield (block) by 500.Discard 1 Card to raise an Attack Card by +300.Hit for +500 Damage and gain 300 life.Inflict +1200 Damage over 4 turns.
ShadowCostSmall.png 3 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png NoneShadowCostSmall.png 8 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 6 Shadow
Character Tree

Shadow Recruit

Shadow Pikeman

Shadow Pikeman Commander

Evolve at Level 4

Evolve at Level 10