Void Champion

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This character was introduced during a special in-game event or offer and is no longer available.

Void Champion
Location: Evolve Void Knight at Level 20.
Element: Shadow
Alignment: Neutral
Character Dialogue
Player Controlled
To become a Void Champion has been my greatest honor. Hail Nulgath!
To serve the Great Fiend is my duty but he also gave me free will! Nulgath is kind!
Character Cards
200 Attack (x3)500 Attack (x2)Defend (x2)BloodRage (x2)
Deals 200 damage.Deals 500 damage.Increases shield (block) by 500.Attack for 500 Piercing Damage at the cost of 300 health.
ShadowCostSmall.png 2 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 4 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 3 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 3 Shadow
Life Drain (x2)Mark of Death (x1)Poison (x2)Sacrifice (x1)
Hit for +500 Damage and gain 300 life.Inflicts 900 damage after 2 turns.Inflict +1200 Damage over 4 turns.Attack for 500 Damage at the cost of 400 health
ShadowCostSmall.png 8 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 6 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 6 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png None
Shadow Fire (x1)Void Reflection (x1)
Cast a Shadow Fire Ball for 1000 Damage.Defend 1000 Damage and Attack for 1000.
ShadowCostSmall.png 8 ShadowShadowCostSmall.png 13 Shadow
Character Tree

Void Knight

Void Champion

Evolve at Level 20